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representing 1300+ educators in GUSD

Telly Tse for Glendale school board Glendale School Board Election 2024.

It is important to count every single vote in an election, even if it means we have to wait a little while to find out the results. After seven consecutive days in which our lead has only increased, I am confident that our campaign for Glendale School Board in Area A has prevailed and that we have won this election. This is a victory for all our children, families, and educators.


Furthermore, our friend Neda Farid has now solidified her lead in the race for the Glendale School Board seat for Area E!


Make no mistake. This win happened because of you. Every donation allowed us to purchase yard signs and mailers to distribute to our supporters. Every yard sign and mailer allowed neighbors to see that this was the candidacy endorsed by our educators. One by one, every conversation you had and every house you visited earned us the votes we needed to win.


Because of certain events in the past year, people all over the country have been paying close attention to these school board races. You have shown them that when our children, parents, educators, and other community members work together, we CAN and WILL successfully keep our schools and community safe and nurturing for all.


For everything you have done and continue to do, thank you.


Telly Tse (he/him)

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