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Endorsed by the East Area Progressive Democrats

I am proud to announce my candidacy for Glendale School Board in Area A.

More than ever, it is important that the children and families in our community feel safe, seen, and respected in our schools. It is crucial that our school district regards its educators and staff as equal partners and invests in them through offering competitive salaries and benefits, lowering class sizes, and increasing school safety. Our school district must also continue to engage with the community in open and transparent dialogue. Through these actions, student academic achievement and mental health will flourish.


This is why I am in this race.

This is a candidacy of the community, by the community, and for the community. I am honored to be supported by GUSD parents representing ALL Area A schools and beyond, the Glendale Teachers Association, the Glendale College Guild, and many respected organizations, leaders, and community members in our beloved city.

I am the only candidate in this race with children in GUSD schools and experience serving in public education. For nearly twenty years, I have worked as a special education teacher at the K-12 level. In addition, my involvement in the labor movement has instilled in me a deep respect for all workers and their right to competitive salaries, health & welfare benefits, and safe working conditions.

I look forward to connecting with you in the coming months and sharing with you my vision for a stronger, safer, and more inclusive GUSD. I encourage you to use this website to learn more about my story and my goals for the district. Thank you and on or before March 5, 2024, I hope to earn your support and vote for Glendale School Board in Area A!


Telly Tse (he/him)

I am proud to be endorsed by many respected organizations, leaders, and community members including:

Glendale Teachers Association

Representing 1300 educators in the community

East Area Progressive Democrats

Representing 1000+ members in Glendale and beyond

Dan Brotman, Mayor of Glendale

Ingrid Gunnell, Glendale School Board Member

Aldo Mascheroni, AYSO Region 88 Commissioner

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